CBS Sports 50 Greatest NBA Players of All-Time

50. Kawhi Leonard
49. Dwight Howard
48. Dominique Wilkins
47. Reggie Miller
46. Ray Allen
45. Bob Pettit
44. Kevin McHale
43. George Gervin
42. Gary Payton
41. Elvin Hayes
40. Dolph Schayes
39. Rick Barry
38. Paul Pierce
37. George Mikan
36. Bob Cousy
35. Isiah Thomas
34. Allen Iverson
33. John Havlicek
32. Walt Frazier
31. Patrick Ewing
30. Clyde Drexler
29. Jason Kidd
28. Steve Nash
27. David Robinson
26. Elgin Baylor
25. Dwyane Wade
24. Kevin Durant
23. John Stockton
22. Scottie Pippen
21. Chris Paul
20. Charles Barkley
19. Stephen Curry
18. Julius Erving
17. Dirk Nowitzki
16. Karl Malone
15. Kevin Garnett
14. Moses Malone
13. Jerry West
12. Oscar Robertson
11. Hakeem Olajuwon
10. Kobe Bryant
9. Shaquille O’Neal
8. Larry Bird
7. Tim Duncan
6. Bill Russell
5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
4. Magic Johnson
3. Wilt Chamberlain
2. LeBron James
1. Michael Jordan

10 All-Star Stats You May Not Know

All-Star Weekend has finally landed on New Orleans! For those who are selected as all-star players, what are the interesting data so far in the season? We pick ten groups of data today. Let’s see how they outperform others.

1. Mid Range Shooting Attempts

There are two players in Eastern Conference who ranked top two in the NBA this season — Carmelo Anthony and DeRozan. Anthony currently shot 515 times ranked first in the league, while DeRoZan only three times less than him, ranked second in the league.

2. Playing the Most Catch and Screen

The crown belongs to Western Conference All-Star, James Harden. Harden has played a total of 2227 times catch-and-screen, which is not only the most in the league, but also a thousand times more than the second.

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Can Tracy McGrady make Hall of Fame?

Running for the Hall of Fame, what does Tracy McGrady hold in hands?

This may be the biggest regret of the 21st century: we can never know how the two superstars, Tracy McGrady and Grant Hill, could possibly perform on the court together in NBA. But, it is precisely because Grant Hill has repeatedly suffered heavily from injury, that Orlando Magic eventually entered the era of Tracy McGrady. In 2002-03 season, Tracy McGrady averaged 32.1 points, as well as 6.5 rebounds, 5.5 assists, 1.7 steals, and 0.8 blocks, plus up to 23.5 WARP value and 30.3 PER value, which is comparable to LeBron prime time. An unnoticeable but more incredible data is that in the 39.4 minutes of playing time, even though facing ferocious defense, McGrady had only 2.6 turnovers! Putting that into perspective, this is not even close to the top 20 TO’ers this season — Westbrook averaged 5.6 times, Harden 5.5 times, Wall 4.4 times, LeBron 3.9 times, the Greek Freak 3.2 times …

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